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Cutting-edge bot on FC 24 FUT market

Our bot automatically buys and sells players using cutting-edge algorithms that scan the transfer market for undervalued gems.


Just put in your FUT 24 account, and we'll take care of everything. You can relax and let us do the work for you

Absolutely Free

Our service won't cost you a dime, but we do take a 30% share of the profit we generate.

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Feel free to drop by our Discord anytime for assistance. Our team of experts and the community are here for you 24/7.

Cross-Platform Support

We provide assistance for all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Gain Capital

Check out our leaderboards to see how many coins our members are racking up. Some of them are making millions!

Safety Guaranteed

With our trading experience dating back to FIFA 19, rest assured that we know how to safeguard your FUT account while maximizing your profits.

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Frequently asked questions

How are the coins generated?

We utilize an automated system that purchases players at a lower cost and then resells them at a higher price, generating coins in the process.

How many coins can I earn?

Some accounts are earning over 1,000,000 coins per week.

How do I increase profits?

- Clear your transfer list of all players to provide more room for our trades.

- Avoid interfering with the players purchased by the bot. We'll manage all of them, regardless of quantity.

- Operate your account during peak game-playing hours when many people are active.

- While it's possible to start with as little as 5,000 coins, having over 100,000 coins is recommended to expedite profits. If you have more coins, we can acquire additional players and generate faster returns.

Is it safe?

Using automated trading tools goes against EA's Terms of Service (TOS) and may result in a market lock or, in extreme cases, account suspension. However, such occurrences are rare because our top priority is ensuring the safety of your accounts. Additionally, we offer tips on how to further enhance the security of your account.

Can I use the web/companion app or play on console?

Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that we cannot generate profits while you are logged in. We recommend adjusting the account running time on our account edit page to a period when you are not actively playing to optimize profit generation.

Can I lose coins?

No, in the long run, you will consistently make profits. While there may be temporary coin losses during market instability, overall, you will see gains. It's important to note that we take 30% of the profits, and occasionally, the deduction may happen later, creating the appearance of lost coins. However, this is simply part of our agreed-upon arrangement.

Buy coins from us

Get more coins to power up your Ultimate Team. Our bot sells players above market prices, and these extra coins are evenly spread in every transaction. This approach reduces suspicion from EA and lowers the risk of sanctions while maximizing your profits with each successful deal.

Our prices are fair, and delivery is lightning-fast. Sit back and relax – our bot takes care of everything for you. No effort required on your part; just run the bot, and watch the magic happen!

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